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1Valentines Day Recommendations

Valentines Day Recommendations

Feb 13, 2018

Want to know the way to your Valentine’s heart? Hint: it’s like chocolate, but better. That’s right – we said it. While Cranberry Liquors absolutely, 100% detests the notion of Hallmark holidays, we know there is an expectation. Ladies, gentleman, can we be so bold as to suggest…  It fits right into that card you […]

2February… The Good News

February… The Good News

Jan 30, 2018

It’s crazy when you remember this past weekend was 50 degrees. Spring was a glimmer in everyone’s eye. Today, that same view is a dreary white tunnel similar to a frozen abyss. Cranberry Liquors is here to brighten your spirits! With… spirits! Several of our local customers have already been asking us about our ‘Winter […]

3What Rhymes with Turkey?

What Rhymes with Turkey?

Nov 17, 2017

Vodka?  Thanksgiving dinner and wine go together splendidly, no matter what your celebration ends up serving or with whom you share the holiday. Barring a few exceptions, most celebrants enjoy some type of elaborately cooked meal and the debauchery associated with familial gatherings. So whether the food is tofurkey or lasagna, bird or cranberry hemp […]

4What is Happening in Harwichport 2017

What is Happening in Harwichport 2017

Jun 13, 2017

There is a lot taking place in Harwich Port these days. Sleepy Harwich Port is no longer in hibernation- the sun is out, people are trickling in and businesses new, old and renewed are revving up for another incredible summer. Cranberry Liquors is busy filling our store with the liquor, wine, beer and cigars our […]

5Toast of Harwich 2017: THE TOAST POST

Toast of Harwich 2017: THE TOAST POST

May 12, 2017
(Preamble: Cranberry Liquors wants to thank Baystone, Cape Cod Beer, Carolina, First Crush Horizon Beverages, Martignetti, Masciarelli, Monsieur Touton, MS Walker, Ruby and Trio Wine Company for their donations of product, their expert knowledge, excellent people and their donated time and service. The Toast of Harwich would not be the hyped up, killer event that it is [...]

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