Those were the words uttered by my store manager, Matt, just before the 4th of July madness began last week. We were full — up to our eyeballs with everything. Beer, wine, ice, cigars, and spirits.

Then the holiday came. By Friday, July 5th, our beer supply had been utterly decimated and we were out of ice. That was going into the weekend and we had no opportunity to start the restock process until Monday. I wasn’t sure what, exactly, we were going to sell!

But we still had a very busy weekend with customers who were patient and flexible. This is going to be a crazy summer season and I now know it. So we are busy filling in the holes and getting ready for the continued onslaught of vacationers to Cape Cod.

Thank you for your patience and persistence. We will be working hard to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your stay here.

Les Rials is a white blend from Gaillac in the southwest of France.

Like most French whites, it pairs well with pates, foie gras and certainly French cheese. For our American style of dining, “Les Rials” goes well with our typical summer fare of salads, seafood and chicken.

Available from Cranberry Liquors for $9.99.

You should be given an honorary degree if you can pronounce the name of this fine white wine!

From the Languedoc (also not too easy to pronounce), this wine is fresh and well-balanced.

It pairs well with seafood, cheese and even chocolate. One of our favorites!

Available at Cranberry Liquors for $9.99

This delicious vin de pays brings full-bodied Syrah to us from the Rhone Valley in France.

Domaine Murmurium is a fairly complex wine and will stand up to any hearty fare you might be cooking when the weather is a bit rainy and cool.

Available at Cranberry Liquors for $10.99.

Don’t let the fanciful bright orange label with the “ducks in a row” fool you: This is a seriously good wine for the money from Keystone Vineyards in Monterey, California.

For a pinot noir, this is a fairly extracted wine bringing notes of cherry and plum to your palate.

Delicious as a pre-dinner cocktail or complement to your Memorial Day Barbecue.

Available at Cranberry Liquors for $14.99

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