Valentines Day Recommendations

Want to know the way to your Valentine’s heart?

Hint: it’s like chocolate, but better.

That’s right – we said it. While Cranberry Liquors absolutely, 100% detests the notion of Hallmark holidays, we know there is an expectation.

Ladies, gentleman, can we be so bold as to suggest…

Cranberry Liquors Gift Cards

a Cranberry Liquors gift card?

 It fits right into that card you already bought. ;]

Spirit and Wine Suggestions for Valentine’s Day 2018:

Bailey’s Strawberry Liqueur is limited edition… and it is looking pretty fabulous here. 

C.Liquors suggestion: Pour over ice cream. Enjoy a sweet and thoughtful will-you-be-my-valentine-approved gift. Little bottles available!

In general, Valentine’s Day is to sparkling wine and champagne as Corona is to the 4th of July.

Je t’aime is also how you say “I love you” in French. It also translates to excellent prosecco by Villa Jolanda, which means great sparkly for the price.

Cliquor’s regular price is $10.99. Covered in <3’s and people in love, Je t’aime is a hard one to mess up. Maybe it’s not the best choice for a first date?

Want to go big red? It is winter, after all.raymond_cabernet_2014_napa

This Napa Valley Cabernet isn’t just pretty. It’s pretty awesome.

Raymond Cabernet: 40th Anniversary

Although it says Napa Valley on the label, the 40th anniversary Raymond Cabernet Sauvignon  is 100% French oak barreled for 19 months.

Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate give it 93, 92 and 93 points respectively.

Expect to be impressed by this cab. Normally the Raymond goes for $39.99. This Raymond Cab Sauv is compared to bottles twice its price.

It’s also twenty percent off, due to the fact that you are on Cape Cod and it is February.

We battle the elements and the Hallmark moments together! Friends, good looking countrymen, all the single ladies and gentleman….

And seriously, if you don’t know what to get, buy them a damn gift card. C.Liquor gift cards are literal liquor store money.

You are giving them permission to buy liquor. Plus, your Valentine will have two whole weeks to save 20% on our Winter Wine Sale.

Gift cards people…

If you don’t have one in mind, we’ll be your valentine.

We might get a little crazy tomorrow… so stay tuned!

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