Back to Cool

It’s wicked hot out.


Did you want to get anything done today? Oh, sorry, it looks like the weather has usurped any motivation you had.

There is good news!

Cranberry Liquors has the whatyou need to beat the summer heat.

We’re helping Harwich Port get ‘back to cool.’ 😉


Here at Cranberry Liquors, we have

  1. Air Conditioning
  2. A beer cooler filled with beer (and it is a giant walk-in fridge. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t take turns taking shelter inside of it.)
  3. Chilled wine… rose, white and sparkling… and it is right beside the registers! That’s right.. we don’t even make you walk to the back of the grocery store to get the milk.

So if your face is melting off too, don’t even bother with trying to re-apply your make up. Maybe the lawn sprinkler is good enough for your three year old neighbors, but Harwich Port’s favorite liquor store has an idea for all you 21+ years old folks out there:

Get a cold glass of something to beat the heat. Heck, get two! We also sell ice, to keep your beer and wine cold and to throw at unsuspecting seagulls people.


inflatable pool living room beers guy

Pro Tip: Don’t be this guy… (Click the photo for the whole video but fair warning- they definitely say the F word a lot in the video.)

At least he’s drinking bud!

We’re open until 10 PM tonight, however we suggest stopping whatever you’re doing because you’re probably getting frustrated and getting a sunburn. In fact, you’re probably doing it wrong if only because it is SO hot out (I know I was.)

Give yourself permission. Take the rest of this extremely hot day… off.

What are you doing to beat the heat today?

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