On Cape Cod Today? When in Rome…

It’s raining on Cape Cod.

Some may ask “What’s new?” and others may ask “What now?!”

Never fear – C. Liquors is here.

A few years ago I had a customer tell me I would love Burning Man and should consider going. I should have listened to him! Last night I was reading about the upcoming Burning Man Festival August, 2018.

Today, Burning Man is not as it was. Once known to some as the cool hippy music and art festival in the middle of the desert. it was a little-known festival famous for leaving no mark: as in, all festivities left no litter, structures or art in commemoration.

Today, not very different from Coachella or even Lollapolooza, more people know it as a social gathering for celebrities and other elite. What caught my eye in this article was not the obscene amount of money, man-power or produce (crates of eggs? In the desert?). #ew

Rather, I was curious about the alcohol being served at the tents of this celebrity chef, cooking for Silicon Valley attendees.

400 cases of Whispering Angel (as well as Dom Perignon) are on this celebrity chef’s menu.

Four hundred cases. For those of us who cannot count (watch me do this math wrong!) that is 3600 hundred bottles. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Like Burning Man, Cape Cod is often at full capacity this time of year. If you are one of the lucky people on the beautiful island we call Cape Cod today, please note these things:

  1. This weather is oh-so-typical. Finnicky gray skies, rainy forecasts and ruined outdoor plans all come part and parcel with our little pied-à-terre of lush, beautiful forests, deer ticks and cranberry bogs. You are getting the full Cape-Codder experience.
  2. Speaking of Cape Codders, you’re better off playing local favorites. Plus, Dark and Stormy’s are sort of played out.

Mostly, if you are bumming out really hard about that cancelled nautical experience on Cape Cod today, making lemonade out of those lemon wedges isn’t all that hard! The Italian girl in me is screaming “make a sauce,” and the French girl in me is screaming something fatalistic involving red wine.Orin_Swift_Machete_Wine_Cranberry_Liquors

If you haven’t already poured through our selection (see what I did there?) may I suggest the Orin Swift?

We still have Mercury Head, Papillon (which means butterfly in French) and the Palermo in stock.

We also have the Machete – a head turner and an excellent bottle.

At $47.99 for a 750ml bottle, the Machete is Orin Swift’s more affordable buy.

This Wednesday is screaming red wine to me, but we do have Whispering Angel Rose as well. At 750ml, for 21.99 and 350 (split) for $13.99.

If that is more up your alley, you are more than welcome to try to make those rose gummi bears you saw on Pinterest.

Either way, Cranberry Liquors hopes you enjoy the beautiful gray skies Cape Cod has grown to love!

  1.  As you busy yourself trying to salvage your day today, Cranberry Liquors invites you to be a local today. What might that mean?Besides making the most of a grey day on Cape Cod?

What Cape Codders Do On Rainy Summer Days – Including but not limited to:

    • Drinking red wine because you can.

    • Sitting in your car at the beach

    • Complaining about this gosh-forsaken weather

    • Enjoying the day off

    • Taking a long drive… nowhere in particular (believe it or not, the roads should be clear as the majority of the population may or may not be at the grocery store)

    • Going to the beach in spite of the rain


      Papillon by Orin Swift

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