What is Happening in Harwichport 2017

There is a lot taking place in Harwich Port these days. Sleepy Harwich Port is no longer in hibernation- the sun is out, people are trickling in and businesses new, old and renewed are revving up for another incredible summer.

Cranberry Liquors is busy filling our store with the liquor, wine, beer and cigars our customers love, but we are also strapping in for one crazy ride. With Dino’s Harwich Port Grille closing last year (and Dino’s well-earned vacation!) a bittersweet changing of tides began.

And the tides continue to roll in and out! Several of our customers are wondering what the going-ons in Harwich Port will bring… and when.

This rendering is a beautiful depiction of what is in store for Route 28, Harwich Port. A gentleman named Paul Manning is working with the town of Harwich as well as neighboring businesses to build a new commercial space. This commercial space is being referred to as Harwich Port Commons. HP Commons will be built this fall and the building is designed to accommodate 4 businesses on the ground floor as well as 4 apartments.

The Development team at Harwich Port Commons is working to ensure the new traffic flow works well for the property and the town. Construction is scheduled to start October of this year.

We ran this post by our soon-to-be neighbors. They were kind enough to give us a point of contact for all our loyal readers!

(Mark Blaze can be contacted at 774-836-5862, with any questions you may have.)

A little bit of Harwich Port History

Before most of us were alive, the building adjacent to Cranberry Liquors was street side. Back when the restaurant known as The Port was a movie theater, Cranberry Liquor’s next door neighbor sat right next to us. When that building burned down, the building that eventually became home to Dino’s was ordered to be moved to the back of the lot.

What does that mean? History, we suppose, has an uncanny way of repeating itself.

Harwich Port Summer 2017

In the meantime, Harwich Port’s center will be alive with summer and a great open space to congregate. The next time you visit Cranberry Liquors, check out the fenced in area next to us.

No, the stable fence is not for horses. In fact, the incredibly popular restaurant called the Cape Sea Grille will be parking their food truck within this fenced off area. Picnic tables and said food-truck should make this summer extra delicious. Like Dino said in an article about his closing doors, this parking lot is “the heart of Harwich Port. People stop and they patronize all the shops in the area.”

Cranberry Liquors agrees 100%, Dino! On that note, I’ve been asked this question a lot lately.

I’m a Cranberry Liquors customer – where can I park?

You can park anywhere you want behind our store and alongside our building. Throughout the meetings about Cranberry Liquors’ abutting property, Joe attended to ensure that our patrons will have as much parking as ever. Plus, we’ve got mega delivery trucks we have to accommodate… which brings us to this final point.

Did you know we have an entrance in the back? Some of us call it the “Back-trance,” and others just look at me funny when I say that. Either way, WE HAVE AN ENTRANCE IN THE BACK OF OUR STORE! Located to the east of the Shame Shack (or the redemption center), a ramp and steps allow all of our awesome loyal patrons to sneak into the back of our excellent establishment.Back_door_Cranberry_Liquors

And as far as Harwich Port’s new businesses, this is one more thing that makes our community a vibrant one. This spring, Ten Yen (a new sushi/ramen bar), the Cumberland Farms on the corner of Bank St, the gas station/auto repair place and the new art studio should provide plenty of things to do and see and like with your thumb.

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