Nevermind the Clickbait…

Craft beer is still King of Summer.

Spiked Seltzer- Why Do I Care?

Maybe you don’t, but many people are trading in their IPA’s for a lighter sweeter thing we call spiked seltzer. Depending on the brand, there are a myriad of ways in which these cans of summer nectar outshine their predecessors… the wine cooler.

Many people are not aware of what a “malt beverage” really is. Originally, a wine cooler was a wine mixed with juice, kind of like the alcoholic sweet tea sangria.

Sangria, for example, is an excellent example of what a wine cooler could be.

If you’ve ever had a Mike’s hard lemonade, or punished your friends with a Smirnoff Ice, any of many of summer’s carbonated favorites are also known as “Malternatives.”

What does this have to do with Spiked Seltzer?

Simply put, spiked seltzers have been absolutely dominating this summer.

The article (click) with the clickbait title that inspired this post basically credits White Claw for the market domination, but the reality is these Spiked seltzers, similarly to regular seltzers, are increasing in popularity this summer.

The numbers don’t mean anything in that article either, but the reality is apparent: People love these drinks.

White Claw Spiked Seltzer, as well as most of their competitors are:

  • 5% ALC/VOL
  •  100 calories
  • 2g carbs ” making them pretty health happy, gluten-sensitive and keto- friendly if you imbibe.

Who Else Makes Great Spiked Seltzer?

The most exciting drink of this summer (in my humble opinion) is brought to you by… *drumroll*…

Harpoon and Polar?!?!

Yes that’s right folks. Polar, the creators of the awesome summer seltzers like this one:

have collaborated with the likes of Harpoon to make Arctic Summer. 


Click here to learn more about Arctic Summer. I discovered it by asking my little brother what it was when he came back from C.Liquors with it. Not only did he know about the Polar/Harpoon epic collaboration, he really enjoyed it.

Naturally gluten-free, 5% alcohol… seeing a trend here people?

Naaaah, Nah Nah Nah Nah… Here Comes the Upstander

bon_and_viv_spikedMaybe the OG Spiked Seltz at our store, “Spiked Seltzer”, or the white cans with the mermaids on them. At least originally, of their 6 ingredients, vodka and seltzer were the primary two.

Since they popped up in 2015, recipes and owners have changed. Now the single brewer from Boston is part of a company is called ‘Bon and Viv,” but the mermaids remain! Read more here


Fun fact: these guys used to be 6% alcohol and higher calorie. People were not happy to learn they lowered the alcohol content. (click for link.)


Because That’s the Way it Truly Is, Truly-uly-uly is…


Last and definitely not least, we’ve got Truly.

From their website:

” Truly Hard Seltzer is pure and clean. It contains no gluten, liquor or spirits. The alcohol (ABV 5%) comes from fermenting all natural cane sugar. Each of our styles has hints of fruit for a delicious flavor and clean finish. Clean

and simple.”

When a company is this upfront about their ingredients, recipe and process, we’ve got a good product people!
These guys are probably the most wallet friendly and also the least “hip”. Must I say more?

We want to know what you think! Are you riding the spiked seltzer waves this summer, or are you Corona (or Kona, for that matter) ride or die, tried and true? And “malternatives”… how do we feel about all that?

Until next time, stay carbonated! It is mid-July, after all…

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