Toast Post! Only one this year…

Cranberry Liquors has a date tonight.

We’ll be at the Wequassett (in Harwich) sometime after 6 …casually on time, of course.

But that’s not what this post is about! This is for our awesome customers we look forward to serving this weekend!

Yes, we love supporting the Toast of Harwich. This year we’re bringing the toast! Rather than expounding about a party that hasn’t happened yet, we’re writing to share the sparkly sale.

If you’ve never tried the Ca’Furlan Prosecco, it’s one of the highest acclaimed of its region, and probably the best selling prosecco we carry for $12.99.


Ca’Furlan Prosecco

It’s been acclaimed as a 90 point, hors d’oeuvre and wallet friendly bottle. Read more on their winery’s page if you’d like (linked at bottom.)

Stop by C.Liquors this weekend, e.g. from 5:00 PM this evening through Sunday at 8:00 PM and get your bottle of this excellent bubbly at 10% off.

We hope to have enough for everyone, and we hope you’ll stop by this weekend and see all of our awesome new product.

Raise a glass of with Cranberry Liquors.

Spring is Springing!

See you ’round town –




Ca’Furlan – wine notes and pairing suggestions

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