It’s Valen Times!

Which, if you were wondering, is sort of like morphin’ time. Happy Valentine’s Day, Cape Cod!

Cranberry Liquors is celebrating – especially today, the great month that is February. If you haven’t yet, swing by and check out our awesome selection of wine. Why should you?

From $8 Rioja to $50 Rosé, our wines from all over the world are 20 percent off.

So if you’re a bit stuck on flowers, or don’t have the time to laminate that card you were making, we have some grape ideas.


If Your Heart is in Cham-bles…



Make a pink drink that will leave Rosé looking shameful.

If you are looking for a great way to soirée this evening, my go to idea is Champagne + Chambord.

The nice thing about cassis is its ability to compliment a white or sparkly wine. Buy a small bottle of that stuff -heck, even a miniature bottle (aka a nip) and *bam*! You’ve Lagasse’d that drink and officially kicked it up a notch.

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(FYI, we gift wrap – for free! We also have the coolest blank cards you’ll find in Harwich Port for a buck. They were designed with these days in mind… just in case you don’t have the time, we’ve got you covered.)

Enough about the raspberry drink that is my favorite…


If you’ve got plans this evening or are waiting around for a dinner reservation, I highly recommend taking your date to peruse the aisles!

Even without our Winter Wine Sale one of my favorite things to watch is any couple making their way through our selection.

Think you know your valentine? Watch that person consider our selection. The way in which a nervous date spouts off everything they know about a varietal… we’ll leave you alone to lurk, but let’s just say, you can learn a lot from shopping wines.

(Did you forget reservations? This is your reminder if so!)


If you are alone this evening, welcome to the club! Come on by, where we can ameliorate your woes and remedy that thing we call loneliness. Maybe you’ll bump into that person you’ve been stalking on Facebook!

Jokes aside, we have determined, with countless repeat customers over the year, your plans for this evening can be a visit to your favorite spot. It’s an inexpensive way to enjoy something together…

You are never alone with Cranberry Liquors <3!



Obscure Strongbad Reference

If you are dating a teetotaler, we carry cigars and other things that fit inside an envelope (but don’t buy her scratch tickets… in case you are reading this dad…)

As I mentioned earlier, we’re here for you today and everyday, Cape Cod.

May George Thorogood wail louder than the wind as you read this: “Who Do You Loooooove?”

Oh! That reminds me! Best of Cape Cod is coming soon and we’re going to need your vote!

Happy Morphin’ Valentine’s Day Everybody.


Cranberry Liquors

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