Winter Wine Sale! Z0Z0

We’ve been working hard at C.Liquors to get ourselves ready for…

The Winter Wine Sale.

As usual things have kicked off without a hitch! We’re off to the races and if you want to know what’s up, here’s a few FAQ’s.

What is the Winter Wine Sale?

C.Liquors has a tradition of ringing in the New Year with a deliberately huge sale, smack dab in the middle of the dead, cold, February.

This is partially because we are bored. Mostly, because the rest of Cape Cod is equally bored. We know this because we live here all freezing year long.



Amidst the forever gray skies of February,

with the occasional


of sun and blue,

we’ve hopefully got

your attention for just a moment.

How Do I Play?

You’ve definitely got to be:

    1. Old enough to drink (21+)

    2. A drinker of wine (and/or sparkling wine)

    3. Down to peruse the World of Wines at Cranberry Liquors.

This is where your personal tastes and mindset for trying new and cool things – things you might not ordinarily get- come in to play.

So take a walk through our aisles, using your eyes or your feet, and expand your palette this winter. We have some incredible new Italian reds and French wines and they too are all 20% off.

Not sure if you like this Chilean white varietal?
Sick of having the same damn riesling every night because your partner likes “white and sweet?”

Now is an awesome time to try something new. If the price tag says $11.99, $9.59 is your price when you pay… we even do the math!

We’ve got solutions! We actually get paid to know what you’ll like.

We’ll see you later!



tl;dr: All 750 ML wine at Cranberry Liquors is twenty percent off of regular retail.

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