Winter Wine Sale = Let’s DO This!

This is Cranberry Liquors, inviting you to our house this February to share in some of the best:

  • Promotions (Check out the scoop! Will be updated with more ASAP !)

  • Products

  • Pigskin


  • People you’ll meet on our side of the ocean…

Although February has a tendency to kick anyone’s butt, Cranberry Liquors loves to take the opportunity to shine a little light into those dark, dark places our mind can wander off into…

Without further ado, the game starts February 1st (no, not that game, but #Gopats ).



Instead of getting what you always get, can I interest you in our first CBD brew? At $8 a can, I can almost promise you like many of our best wines, they’ll be scooped up in this first week of February, if not this weekend.

We don’t hide the good vintages (no, not even for you, Uncle Patriots!) so all 750 ML’s are FAIR GAME…


ON-SIDE NOTE: Sparkling wine is included in our Annual Winter Wine Sale.


Need to know what to do now? Click here.

If you don’t know anything about this sale here is the scoop:

Don’t know if you feel like spending $20 on that pinot noir? Try it in February, when all our 750 ML wine is 20% off.

TL;DR: Wine Sale? This February, z0z0. Game On.

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