La Linda Malbec Rosé

La Linda Rose Malbec

La Linda Rose Malbec

Dinner tonight was a lovely boneless pork roast with potatoes and sauerkraut. Comfort food, by most anyone’s standards. So what to serve for wine with this?

I’m sure I could have gone with the German, or if preferred dry, French Riesling. Pork and sauerkraut logically call for that. Instead, I noticed a bottle of La Linda, Malbec Rosé chilling in the fridge. A twist top and tight schedule said ‘go for it’ — so I did.

What a lovely bottle of wine. The color is almost a bright red – suggesting a fruitiness you might not prefer. Let me tell you this bottle of wine had substance. A dry rosé with color. Strawberry without the sweet. A serious wine with a playful color.

On the nose, you notice an earthiness that tells you this is not a toy wine. On the palate, La Linda Malbec Rosé is light like a sauvignon blanc but serious like soave or gavi. Not a patio pounder pinot grigio by any means.

Needless to say, this wine went well with the pork roast. Surprisingly, it went well with the after dinner chocolates!

Available at Cranberry Liquors for $10.99.

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