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What Rhymes with Turkey?


Thanksgiving dinner and wine go together splendidly, no matter what your celebration ends up serving or with whom you share the holiday. Barring a few exceptions, most celebrants enjoy some type of elaborately cooked meal and the debauchery associated with familial gatherings.

So whether the food is tofurkey or lasagna, bird or cranberry hemp marmalade, Cranberry Liquors currently has all the celebratory favorites (and the usual suspects for more habitual creatures.)

Without further ado…

Thanksgiving: What’s Hot

Sort of like squash soup, this year is all about Pinot Noirs. Unlike a Beaujolais Nouveau, Pinot Noirs are a far more versatile and well liked aperitif. The composition can range from fruity to dry, it drinks best with appetizers and turkeys and not a single wine enthusiast will turn down a good pinot noir.

Top contenders for reds that pair well with turkey include:

Pinot Noir: T-giving edition are, in general, fruitier wines. Other varietals that float to the top of mind include Garnacha,  Syrah, Red Bordeaux, Chateau Neuf Du Pape…

Basically? Stay away from Reds that are tannin heavy if you’re doing turkey. Like a cranberry sauce, you want this wine to bring the funk with berries!
White wines

When it comes to white wines, turkey birds are famously served with German whites like rieslings and other sweet varietals.

When might it make sense to serve Gwerztraminer, Riesling or Kabinett with Thanksgiving?

1. If you like white wines

2. If your hosting people who like white wines

3. If you plan to do anything interesting with spices

4. If you’re a rad hard traditionalist

When To NOT have a sweet white wine with Thanksgiving Dinner:

1. If you don’t like white wine

2. If your idea of a good white wine is a Sauvignon Blanc – every time

3. If you aren’t having turkey

4. If you have any sensitivity to headaches stemming from white wine (histamines, sugar content)

Sweeter white wines are often encouraged on Thanksgiving – be it a Gewürztraminer from Alsace, France or a Riesling from Germany, these wines are known for their ability to “tame the game” in food like turkey, and compliment that which is wicked spicy with its high sugar content.

If you haven’t been in to see what’s new, can we recommend stopping in soon? No matter what your day serves up, sweet white wines are only one option. We can’t begin to tell you how many ways our customers do thanksgiving – we promise to make you look like the sommelier we know you are.

PRO TIP: Come shop with us as soon as you can! We have promotional items throughout the store that will be there until we sell out. Our case discounts (6 bottle 10%, 12 bottle 20%) continue throughout the holidays – let those deals work in your favor!   

I almost forgot: Rose? ALL DAY. Seriously, Rose will slay on Thursday.

Plus if you want the secrets as to what beer drinkers have on Thanksgiving, we’ve got you covered…


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