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Try a new craft in March.

Beer Rainbow

March bring us to a moment for enjoying a good beer or two. Of course the traditional Irish beers come to mind for St. Patrick’s Day but there are others especially if you want to try something a bit different.

The next time you stop into Cranberry Liquors, check out our growing selection of regional and craft beers. We’ve expanded our selection tremendously. Not only beer from Cape Cod Beer Company, Dogfish Head and Nantucket’s own Cisco Brewers but other beers locally brewed and good to the last drop!

Consider craft brews from Mayflower Brewing Company in Plymouth. Or Berkshire Brewing Company in western Mass. Further north, from Middlebury Vermont, comes Otter Creek Brewing and Wolaver’s.

Or how about a beer from Kansas? Boulevard Brewing Company makes a file selection of IPA, Stout and other traditional varieties.

Or perhaps out to San Diego for Stone Brewing Co.‘s fine brews with their menacing gargoyles decorating the package.

Finally, you can go ‘across the pond’ with our beers from Germany and Belgium including Weihenstephaner – the worlds oldest continuously operating brewery since 1100 AD. That’s not a typo. That’s 900 years of good beer! Or perhaps Chimay. Beer made by Trappist monks in Belgium. Watch the alcohol content on this one! It has a kick!

All of these selections are available at Cranberry Liquors. From the cooler, ready-to-drink or on the shelf if you’re not in a hurry.
We are looking to grow our selection even more. If you have a favorite craft beer you think we should carry, let me know. We’ll do the rest.

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  • Greg Culhane
    · Reply

    Hi Matt,
    I’m a fan of Sierra Nevada Stout but at this time have only been able to get it on trips back to upstate NY. Is this a product you might be able to get?


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