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Toast of Harwich 2017: THE TOAST POST

(Preamble: Cranberry Liquors wants to thank Baystone, Cape Cod Beer, Carolina, First Crush Horizon Beverages, Martignetti, Masciarelli, Monsieur Touton, MS Walker, Ruby and Trio Wine Company for their donations of product, their expert knowledge, excellent people and their donated time and service. The Toast of Harwich would not be the hyped up, killer event that it is today without Cranberry Liquors’ wine and beer reps dropping knowledge. Add this to the hard work of Harwich’s Chamber of Commerce and the participating restaurants on whom we could write a whole other post and… well, you’ve got the kind of night that C.Liquors is all about.

On behalf of Cranberry Liquors, thank you.)

Now…. on to the Toast Post!

If you’ve never been to a Toast of Harwich, you’re really missing out  Cranberry Liquors would like to rub it in your face  show you what an incredible evening we had yet another year.

Not unlike today, last Friday was a rainy, blah-weather day. In spite of this, the attendees came through looking brazenly amazing and ready to party.

Party we did, Cape Cod. We tasted some incredible wines,  raised money for our sleepy little town and looked dapper as all get out doing it.

There was music and people were dancing. We nearly maxed capacity at Mooncussers; let’s just say that the Toast was the place to be. Mooncussers was cozy and perfectly warm on an otherwise cold and dreary evening.

We didn’t go crazy snapping pictures… but we wish we did! Despite running out of cups at one point, the toast went off (as always) without a hitch!

If you have any pictures or comments from the Toast please share away in the comments! Feel free to tag us on Facey too 😉 if we like what we see there may be free swag in your future.

Next post: We’ve got this crazy idea… and we want you to be a part of it! (Hint: it involves winning and what we do best: great wine!)

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