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Tis the Season!

Fine Wine for the Holidays

The temperatures certainly don’t betray the season. It seems winter has come early to Harwich Port. If there is an upside to cold weather it is the phenomenon of spontaneous hugging as friends reacquaint  upon entering the store. Good to see familiar summer faces! Happy to shake off the early chill.

As you prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and New Years too!), consider having a nice glass of wine with your meal. It’s not traditional, perhaps. I don’t think the Pilgrims had a lovely riesling or a light and fruity pinot noir  with their first Thanksgiving but it is a way to dress up your dinner. You may insist on having Mom’s stuffing or pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving. Adding wine to the picture brings a touch of elegance to the warm comfort foods we usually enjoy.

Maybe a holiday toast to start things off. Grab a chilled prosecco. Sparkling and a bit sweet. Good for those who don’t typically drink champagne. It’s not all about the wine just like it’s not all about the napkins or place settings. But it is a nice touch. Certainly suitable for one or two times a year. And who knows, maybe you’ll start a new family tradition…

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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