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Cape Cod Gin (Sippewissett)

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Try this award winning local gin for incredible gin-based Cape Codder.


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Sippewissett Cape Cod Gin is a traditional London Dry-style gin — smooth, refreshing and infused with Cape Cod-sourced lavender, cranberry, rosehip and beach plum.  Perfect with lemon in a refreshing summer cocktail, where it truly shines is in a martini, where the smoothness, bottling strength and complex character  come into their own.  Try it in a traditional gin & tonic, or with a splash of cranberry & lime.  In November 2016, Sippewissett Cape Cod Gin won a Silver in it’s first contest, the New York International Spirits Competition, where AstraLuna Brands was also named “Massachusetts Distillery of the Year 2016.”


[From Astraluna website]



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