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Making Spirits Bright…

Here’s a Secret from a Liquor Store Insider: You know those holiday gift sets you see this time of year? Yeah… we get those. We also don’t pay for promotional packaging.

Therefore, at Cranberry Liquors, we also don’t charge our customers for them.

Have you ever seen a bottle of (pick your favorite), neatly packed into a box with the “gadget de jour”?

Perched on our shelves and scattered around the “Specials” sections of the store, you will definitely find them. It’s pretty convenient, the way these big liquor companies come out with liquor specific cups, packed inside a perfectly wrappable,

rectangular box. Those sneaky companies know exactly when to bring out the rectangular packages!


Fortunately, you’ve clicked into this blog. You are now aware of the wile-y ways of our product manufacturers. We’ve gotten so many promotional items over the years and they have only gotten cooler as time goes on. From coolers and shakers in the summer to cognac and whiskey glasses in the winter… now you know!

Most people are afraid to ask so you’ve heard it here officially. Promotional packaging is exactly that: so take your Christmas gift-giving game up a notch and buy one of those rectangular looking packages with tchochkes inside… it’ll cost you the same!

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