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February… The Good News

It’s crazy when you remember this past weekend was 50 degrees. Spring was a glimmer in everyone’s eye. Today, that same view is a dreary white tunnel similar to a frozen abyss.

Cranberry Liquors is here to brighten your spirits! With… spirits!

Several of our local customers have already been asking us about our ‘Winter Wine Sale.’

To confirm, the Winter Wine Sale is on.

Starting February 1st and running 28 days (this year) our most popular tradition begins again.

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20% any 750 ml bottle

for the month of February



Cranberry Liquors started this sale several February’s ago: During a particularly miserable, slow and (dare I say depressing?) trying winter season, Joe came up with the idea that it would benefit our customers and get people excited by offering all regular sized (750ml) wines at 20% off.

Typically, Cranberry Liquors offers a hefty discount like this on 12 bottle sales. However, for the shortest month of the year, C.Liquors treats this month like an opportunity to make room for new product, drum up excitement in our sleepy little town, and most of all, offer all of our wines at an incredible discount.


We hope you use this February promotion to try new wines, stock up on your favorites, and visit us more often! This is the month where we DON’T recommend buying a case. That’s right, get out of your snow covered mountain, drive to Harwich Port center and see the shining faces waiting to serve you.

Side Note: Our Yellow tagged promotional items are already heavily discounted – we cannot discount them any further as that would not be legal (more on the legality in another post!)

What’s the Catch?

No catch! This is why, when January nears, our wine aficionados, our local-e-o-cles and snowbirds alike look forward to this sale.

Maybe our staff at Cranberry understands how February is typically a slow month for local businesses, making the days short and the money shorter…

Never fear! C.Liquors is here. With twenty percent off of any 750ml bottle in our store, you now have more budget latitude in re-plenishing your wine reserve. It is without a doubt the best wine sale on Cape Cod… hence the reason we chose the 28 day month.

Comment, call or visit us at 555 Main Street, Harwichport Route 28. The countdown is on.

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