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Early Spring…? Final Countdown!

Early Spring this year! Thank you Mr. Groundhog! #2017

Early Spring this year! Thank you Mr. Groundhog! #2017

As Cranberry Liquors works diligently on getting in the best in new wine that 2017 has to offer on our shelves, we are in the final countdown of our Winter Wine Sale!

So, fellow aficionados, what will it be?

20% off of a full-bodied pinot noir, or 20% off of a couple bottles of your favorite french white?

Where is the best liquor store on Cape Cod?

Cranberry Liquors: The Spirit of Harwichport.

If the votes don’t matter to you, we suggest checking out our selection yourself!

What D20%_Winter_wine_Cranberry_Liquorso I do when this glorious wine sale is over?

Hopefully you are sitting atop a stockpile of your favorite wine, being wary of the ides of March. February hasn’t been totally cruel, but you just never know on Cape Cod.

What if I like Craft Beer, CLiquors?

Forget what we just said about the ides of March, and come by Cranberry Liquors in Harwichport … it’s a pretty cool town, especially in the sleepier months. More details about March and what is next for you, beer drinkers.
It’s so worth the wait (but we think you get where this is going…).

Less than one week before our Winter Wine Sale is finite-o – complete-o, so stop by Cranberry Liquors – Doing our best to make winter on Cape Cod not only tolerable, but kind of, sort of fun!

Enjoy the beautiful day Cape Cod!

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