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AVO XO Intermezzo Tubos

I don’t consider myself a cigar afficionado but I do know what I like: A smooth-smoking, light to medium bodied cigar that doesn’t take all day to smoke, doesn’t need to be re-lit unless of course I really neglect it. Ideally, it exhibits characteristics like a consistent flavor as it burns down, a fine ash that holds on until you flick your wrist to shed it and a pleasant smoke in case you ever get the option to smoke in the house (Christmas, in my house).

The AVO XO Intermezzo Tubos is a very easy-going cigar. I have a predilection for cigars from the Dominican Republic and the AVO typifies the important characteristics (see above).

Like beer, wine, scotch and bourbon, there is something for everyone. Including the beginner. When someone comes into the store and he or she is grabbing a fistful of Macanudo’s because that’s what beginners or itinerant cigar smokers smoke, I readily suggest the AVO. It’s a step up and a step away from the norm.

A light, polite, tasty-without-being-overwhelming cigar.

Available at Cranberry Liquors for $11.99

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